Monday, 8 February 2016

On an indifferent day

I woke up a little to the East of Sioux Lookout and was up in time to take some pictures. The day was dominated by anticipation of Winnipeg and matters related to it.

At lunch, one of my companions spotted a trio of deer by the side of the track. Which made a nice change. The forests have seemed pretty empty.

Winnipeg was reduced to about a 45 minutes stop meaning we were only about three hours and twenty minutes behind schedule when we left. Among the crowd waiting to get on was a woman with an adorable husky puppy.  Also adorable was a family with three small children. I first made contact with them when I walked into the Skyline car and saw a two or three year-old asleep in a parka on one of the activity tables. I latter saw him up and in company with a ten or eleven month old sitting happily in the middle of traffic looking cherubic.

Late in the afternoon, I was in the Park car when it began to lurch back and forth in an unpleasant motion that sent me forwards to my car where the motion wasn't noticeable. After supper, I went back to find was even more unpleasant due to the lack of outside reference points. My theory is the cause is a combination of poor rail conditions combined with a crosswind and the dome acting like a sail. I can't help but wonder how the Prestige passengers are feeling about their deluxe but bouncy accommodations!

The lateness of the train means I missed the Qu'appelle River Valley. That was a disappointment as the Valley was really nice.

However, the skies have cleared and I have cabin on the North side of the train so I might get Northern Lights!

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