Thursday, 11 February 2016

On a grey day in Clearwater

The weather in Clearwater has been grey, warm and wet. Thus most of our activities have been indoors. Today, Mark took the girls and I to Raccoons which is related to BC's StrongStart program. It took place in the local elementary school a little way down the road. It covered a fairly wide range of ages from babies only a few months old to Anna who will be five in a couple of months. One baby called Richard could crawl very quickly even though his technique was seal-like. He seemed quite happy.

Later, Kerry gave me quite a scare. We had gone next door to the gym. I was chatting with a dad when I caught sight of Kerry who had climb up a series of poles attached to the wall until her head was above mine. While there was padding on the floor at the base of the ladder, it didn't look enough to cushion a fall from her height. She seemed happy but I didn't know how long that would last. More importantly, I didn't know if she could get down safely. I rushed over and hovered until she happily climbed down of her own accord. I made a point of keeping a closer watch on her afterwards.

(Alice later told me that Kerry had climbed up there before. Alice had taken her down out of concern. However, my sister was relieved to know that Kerry can get down by herself.)

When I got back to the house, I discovered that Via Rail wanted to know how I found my experience on the Train. I filled out the online questionnaire as best I could as a few of the questions were tricky to answer. One of them was "What was the principal reason for your trip?" The problem was that the available options included both "visiting relatives/friends" and "vacation/leisure" but you could only choose one option. As well, after I finished the  survey, I wasn't sure if I had remembered my trip to Vancouver  tomorrow during the anticipated future travel section.

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