Monday, 24 December 2012

On a half white moose

I have just seen some remarkable footage of what is believed to be a "half-albino" moose courtesy of Thomas, Louise's significant other, (one whom I jokingly threatened with bodily harm if he didn't dance with her) via Louise and Margo.
  The moose, or more accurately "Eurasian elk", was spotted in Norway. From passing the article through Google Translate, I gather the moose is being referred to as "Saltogpepper" which translates as "Salt and pepper". There is also speculation as whether the elk is related to white bull elk known as "Albin" who was shot by a Danish hunter much to what I understand is the annoyance of the locals.

Of course, the article doesn't mention the possibility that the elk might be an all white elk that had come in contact with mud or something similar! ;-)  Then again, on the first "Moose Wanderings" trip, I saw a two-toned lobster.

Rather neat if I say so myself.

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