Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On Australian roads

I assembled Leonardo yesterday. No major issues.

I then took the train into Melbourne to visit a map store and see some sights. Unfortunately, the map store was no more. I asked at the outdoors store next door if they could direct me towards some appropriate maps. They sent me to the RACV after some discussion as to my map needs. The discussion was prolonged by my jet lag induced inability to understand the acronym for the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria in "Strine".

At the RACV store, I had hard time finding a suitable map. Midway through, I started having a dry throat induced cough that made me look like a spaz to the staff. I got a map atlas from which I sliced out the bits I needed.

I went to the Immigration Museum, but before I went inside, I was overcome by a wave of fatigue, and opted to go back to Geelong. I decided I would try to delay my departure and see more of Melbourne.

On the return train, someone was talking about the Geelong Cup horse race and how some small businesses shut down for it. I listened out of one ear as the plain sped past me. Unfortunately, the Geelong cup was today (October 19) and my beautiful Victorian B&B was full up so I had hit to the road today.

Today was sunny and eventually very hot (the forecast was for 28). I have been slugging back the water. The Geelong Cup is something of public holiday, so I had to haul the box of stuff I am sending ahead to Broken Hill for 50 km before finding an open Post Office! Lots of spandex cyclists on the road today. I chatted to a cycle trekker going the other way. He was heading back to Melbourne after having gone around the country. He asked about my plans. When he heard my destination was Broken Hill, he said the winds should be quite favorable.

My goal was Apollo Bay and its hostel. As the afternoon wore on and the Great Ocean Road wound ever on, I found myself getting very tired, despite some red bodied parrots fluttering around. When a motel with a restaurant came to my attention, I said "enough" and got a room despite it being only about 6 km short of Apollo Bay. I my defense, the receptionist wondered if I had heat stroke from my exhausted and breathless speech. Also, I have pedaled 110 km in hot weather.

A bus load of seniors arrived at the motel just before me. I shared a buffet supper (good for carb loading) with them along with fair amount of chitchat.

I don't know about the heat but the mileage should be less tomorrow. Then again, I expect more hills.

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