Saturday, 26 September 2009

On leaving Alberta

Well, I got up early, biked to the edge of Calgary and took the C-Train downtown, with very little trouble. However, when I got downtown, the train stopped unexpectedly before its normal terminus. Apparently, the city centre section is closed this weekend for maintenance. Because I was unaware of this, I went back one station before I could get off. I looked around for a useful exit for someone with a bike for a minute or two before another C-train arrived heading in the right direction. Knowing that the next (last) station had a bike-friendly exit, I hopped on that C-train.
From there, I made my way to MEC where I zipped in to buy a duffle bag, then went to the bus station where I bought a bike box, then retired to a quiet corner to calmly disassemble and pack Leonardo, as well as sort luggage into flight mode.

I am now at a computer in the UPS store having checked Leonardo and my new duffle in at the Air Canada. Part of me can't quite believe it is all over now. In a few hours, I will be back home. But I have biked across the Rockies! How many people can say they have done that?

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Margo and Chris said...

Well done!!!

Hope the final steps went well and Leonardo is safely home.

We have moved to Greece and plan to island hope hop up the Aegean, rather than cross at Gallipoli as previously planned.

Chris and Margo