Monday, 14 July 2008

On another turtle shot for Mark's benefit

I am feeling bored and can't think of anything particularly witty to say. Instead, I will show you another shot of the snapping turtle. Mark, my sister's fiancée, has an interest in turtles.
I didn't intend to upload this next shot but in trying upload the turtle shot, I accidentally did so on the first try, so I decided to leave it in.
This was taken on the first day, on the Route des Champs bike path. The sign was leftover from the days when the bike path was still a railway line. If I am not mistaken, Autoroute 10 (a.k.a. the Eastern Townships' Autoroute) runs next to the power line in the far distance. I was surprised to see that near Marieville, the path was very close to the Autoroute. Since then, I have seen the bike path while on the Autoroute.

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